Group and individual classes by appointment 

Kathleen's classes weave together meditation, mantra, movement, and asana.  The approach is one of openness and informed inquiry. Sensory awareness practices and somatic work are integrated with traditional asana.    Simple deliberate flowing movement, often done lying down, cultivates a focus on subtle internal sensation and breath. This lays the ground for refinement and discovery in the asana practice.  Often, in yoga class and in life,  we are encouraged to override sensation/intuitive feeling in order to achieve something.  In this practice, we endeavor  to stay fully tuned to sensation moment to moment, even as challenge grows greater.  In doing so, the yoga practice becomes a gateway to embodied wisdom, and to the present moment.   Practicing this way, there is an innate potential for healing and transformation.      

We practice classical poses in a non-dogmatic way, focusing on the intentions and actions in each pose, rather than attempting to achieve a certain external look  or "perfect" pose.  Modifications and variations are offered so that everyone can receive the benefits of the practice.   Alignment, safety, inquiry, and fun are emphasized.   It is a practice that joyfully extends far beyond the yoga mat. 

Individual Sessions begin at $65/1 hour session 

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Classes are informed by Kathleen's  lifetime of experience in dance, manual therapy.  her on-going study with her teacher Tias Little, and her time in the ocean.   

" The inspiration for all my work is the ocean, and all the marine life I"ve been so blessed to spend time with. The yoga, breathe and meditative practices are the perfect compliment to being in nature and in the water.  Both can help us heal and put our busy screen-filled lives in perspective, empowering us to wake up to the wonder in and around us."

Benefits of individual and semi-private classes


  • perfect for all levels of experience
  • a wonderful healthy way to spend time with a partner, friends, and family 
  • offers a fresh perspective and subtlety to long-term practitioners
  • for beginners, a safe way to learn basic poses and modifications so you can practice confidently and safely in group classes
  • designed around a specific intention you have 
  • tailored to accommodate your specific needs, limitations, or conditions 
  • an opportunity to ask questions freely 
  • it's just good! 

Being Ocean

May 10th-16th 2020 

spend  a week in loving community,  submerging in the vastness of the ocean,   finding the ocean within

 facilitated by Kathleen Fisher  

with the support of an incredible crew at WildQuest! 

Healthy meals, spacious comfortable rooms, daily yoga practice, daily excursions to snorkel and encounter the dolphins on a clean comfortable catamaran,  and more!  

  Everything works together to support you to relax, and to simply be. 

Each day begins with  yoga, meditation, and breathe practices which prepare us to move more easefully, gracefully, and communicatively in the water.  And it simply feels good -  It is a such a gift to take time to tune into the body and practice together. 

  We encounter the ocean and wild dolphins with love, appreciation, and awareness.  

Each day, we go out on the boat to snorkel reefs, and to look for and encounter the dolphins.   We always watch their behavior first and then decide how best to connect with them.   It's always on their terms and it is always beautiful! 


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